Father’s Day Celebration and Sale-Guide by Calcutta News Portal


Celebrate Father’s day with your dad with precious memories, a sweet gift of something that your father really likes, and sharing time with him. Fathers are the persons who are always there for us with their love and care, something that money cannot buy. Dads are the special people in our lives.

We are blessed to have them in our lives, and now it is a great time to let them know that we care for them with too. Make your dad feel extra special on father’s day. Buy him something that he likes, share with him some of your time and make it a day of celebration. Make him a special meal, or him out to eat in his favorite dining place, or give him a nice surprise gift. It is not always important what you buy him, it is the feeling that you care for him that counts. To make him feel extra-special and proud of you, take some time to think what your dad really loves. It is the time you spend thinking for your dad, makes him feel special. And there are so many great gifts within your reach that you can but online to make this father’s day a great moment to remember for all time. And it is a magic that even the smallest things we do for our dads, bring them the greatest pleasure and happiness. And you cannot be wrong with anything you go to! It is your time and thoughts of making him happy, the feeling that you are always there for him as he has always been there for you what makes him happy. When you think of buying a gift for dad, get him something nice and sweet. It is you that makes his gift special. Take some time to think to think for him, his choices, but not too hard. When choosing a gift for him, choose something that will make him feel warm.

1. Cook for your dad on father’s day. You do not have to have great culinary expertise. Make him a simple meal. And do not worry! Even if you overcook the chicken or overbake the cookies, it would still be the most delicious meal that your dad have ever had. It never changes. Some feelings in life are so very unaltered, no matter what. Also, if dad has a sweet tooth, buy him some decadent chocolates or sweets. If he does not care for sweets, you can still get some good savory food to snack on. There are so many great online deals and specialty stores to get something special for your dad.

2. If you still do not have the slightest confidence in yourself as a chef, take dad out to eat. It does not have to be a fancy expensive or a gourmet restaurant, a simple nice and cosy eatery will do. It still be a special dinner with a special person and always better than last last year. That is the magic of love!

3. If you plan to buy something special for dad, do not buy anything in haste. Spend a few moments to think what he really likes. A good way to so that is to think about his hobbies. What does dad like to do in his free time? Listen to music, watch movies, read novels?  Get him something special. You may buy him a nice cd-player or dvd player, if that is what he needs. If not, you can always buy him a nice bunh of audio cds or movies of his choices. But wait! That is not all. You can always get some accessories with that, too.

Does your dad like to do something special in the summer? Camping, fishing, hiking? IF yes, taking him out to a nice state park or a campground  or a fishing spot can be a good idea, too. There are so many events going on everywhere in this nice beautiful days. If you have other plans for the weekend, or cannot be able to go outdoors on the special day, you can always get him something that he can use on one of his own trips. Like a new fishing rod, a fishing permit, a cute pair of hiking shoes or some accessories for camping. You can just get him anything and everything that you know he likes.

4. Try to think of your dad’s personality. What are his creativities? Is he a photographer? Or a poet, a singer, a guitarist, even if an amatrue? Or is he a chef? Explore and buy something that goes in accordance with his personality – a camera, a book of poems, or a new guitar. IF he already has a great camera, buy him some lenses or a digital photoframe. If he has the best keyboard, buy him a nice music book. Get him any accessories to go with his passion, or something that would add a new dimension to it. With choosing the gifts, pay special attention to the color.

5. You can always buy a nice Father’s day greetings card for your dad. But do not forget to add your special touch to it. Write a few lines from your innermost voice; tell your dad how much he means to you. A small poem can make it extra special too. If you are a singer, pen a song for your dad for this very special occasion –  sing to him.

These are just a very few basic tips. You can always come up with your own too. Father’s day is just not about fathers, it is about their kids, too. It is a great way of reviewing your bondage. And listen to your heart, not to your brains.

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