We are happy to announce our upcoming Palki fifth edition. From all who have been associated with Palki in the previous editions, we expect the same level of generous support, and we also need more contributions from new friends. However, owing to the tremendous response to the previous Palki editions, we have had a deluge of articles and submission requests, resulting in shortage of print space. This time, all submissions will be considered, but we will be publishing only “selected” articles; selection will be done by our experienced team. Here are all the information you need to know about Palki 5.

What is Palki?

Palki is the official e-magazine published bi-annually by We publish submissions in English and Bengali. With more than 6000 members in our community and thousands more guests everyday, PALKI gives you a chance to experiment with your creative mind.

Why Write in Palki?

Palki has readers, numerous readers. Our community consist of more than 6000 members all over the world. We are constantly improving and interacting with the latest “creative” trend in West Bengal too. We have interviewed Srijata Bandyopadhyay (Author: Likhte Hole Bhodro Bhabe Lekho and many more), Binayak Bandyopadhyay, Abdus Sukkur Khan and more in our last Palki Edition. We are very excited that many famous and popular writers are now contributors and readers of Palki. We will be continuously increasing our effort in featuring various writers in our magazine. We are trying to bring back the habit of reading to the bengali mass all over the world. Writing for Palki means supporting us in our effort towards keeping and staying in touch with the Bengali Language, culture and art. So, please support us, read Palki and write for Palki.

What/How/Where Can You Submit?

There is no particular guide line for submissions in Palki. Here are some examples of submission types we have received in previous Palki Editions:

1) Kobita
2) Creative Writing based on your experience
3) Analytical Writing / Critique about Bengali Songs/Cinema/Drama.Theater or similar kind
4) Golpo/Probondho of any Kind

6) Photo Features

7) Paintings
8) Audio Visual – Sing/recite, record, send!! We will host online

9) Specially for Children: Send Anything You can!!