Here is what you will need to go there:
Address : Science City, J.B.S Haldane Avenue, kolkata – 700046, India
Phone: +91-33- 22854343, 22852607, 23432569
Fax: +91-33-22859895
General Information about Science City, Calcutta (Kolkata)

Sciecne City in Kolkata is the largest science center in the indian sub continent under the National Counsil of Science Museums. The “Science City” in Calcutta is located near the T- crossing between Eastern Metropolitan Bypass and JBS Haldane Ave. The Science city has two major parts (as reported by the Science City official Website):

  1. The Science Center comprising Space Odyssey, Dynamotion, Evolution Theme Park, Maritime Center and a Science Park.
  2. The Convention Center comprising the Grand Theater (2232 seating capacity), one Mini Auditorium (392 seating capacity) and a Seminar hall building with 11 halls ranging from 15 to 100 seating capacity, indoor (270sq.m.) and open air exhibition ground (20000 sq. m).

The science city not only make you aware of the various advance scientific applications, but it is also a place for great fun. There are parks, shows, rides that most of the kids (as well as adults) prefer and enjoy. Also, the Science City park is a popular for couples (love birds!!). You almost always see some group of school children vising the center. The Science City does a great job popularizing the science and make people aware of the vast use of it. They also support various schools with out-of-school activities. They also assist and work many universities and organizations.

Science City is open from 9:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m. It remains open on Sundays and Public holidays. It may be a good idea just to give them a call before you are visiting.


Entry: Rs. 20.00 Per Person
Space Theater: Rs. 40.00 Per Person
Evolution Park: Rs. 10.00 Per Person
3D Theater: Rs. 20.00 Per Person
Time Machine: Rs. 10.00 Per Person
Road Train: Rs. 8.00 Per Person
Cable Car: Rs. 20.00 Per Person


Entry: Rs. 15.00 Per Person
Space Theater: Rs. 30.00 Per Person
Cable Car: Rs. 16.00 Per Person


Entry: Rs. 10.00 Per Person
Space Theater: Rs. 20.00 Per Person
3D Theater: Rs. 10.00 Per Person
Cable Car: Rs. 13.00 Per Person


  1. Space Theater: They are showing a great show call “Forces of Nature”. Great show for everybody and special for geologists. It shows the mother earth in various forms! they also offer a Planetarium show – Vision Beyond Light Years.
  2. 3-D Vision Theater: Watch films in 3D view!
  3. Picnic Garden: Take your own food and spend a family day together with kids.
  4. Space Odyssey at Science Center: Watch Varieties of exhibits on space programs conducted specially by India.
  5. Dynamotion Hall “The Paradise of Science in Action”: A Superb section with everything in motion, be it aquatic or energy ball exhibit!
  6. Evolution Park: This is a favorite place for the kids as they can see Dynos in action!
  7. Maritime Center: A great place to understand marine science.
  8. Grand Auditorium and Mini Auditorium: Ideal for seminar, conference etc, book it if you need it! they also have smaller seminar halls.